Camelse Soap

Camelse is a product of camel milk soap, contains 100% natural extracts, has many features and benefits for you.

100 grams

Causes allergic reaction
Lower concentration of calcium
aggravates autoimmune disorders
Relieves autism symtoms
Boosts immunity
Help prevent diabets
Prevents fatty liver disease
Reduces allergies

Miracle of Camel Milk

Camels have nutrients like calcium and magnesium.

Camels are a precious and secret treasure that heaven has given to humans. In the midst of the desert, Bedouin used to live in the desert. Compare the camel as life, milk, skin, meat, precious, countless, Tarot, camel, as the milk of heaven. It is more valuable and different from the milk of other animals and is closest to human milk. Camel milk is now regarded as a great food, good medicine and can be mixed into a superb medicine. In Europe and America

Among the people in the desert, there is no lack of nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin C. In spite of no fresh vegetables. Fruit for consumption That's because they are eating camel milk. Liquid vitamins from camel milk In addition to drinking. Very valuable It can be used to do cosmetic surgery because the camel milk contains Alfa Hydroxy Acid (AHA), vitamin A, Bc, minerals, so it helps to eliminate wrinkles on the skin, treat skin abscess. Skin inflammation and dark spots. Nourish the skin to look gorgeous.

Two types of camels: single camel and two camel Single camels are found in Australia and the Middle East and are a popular camel for human consumption.

Camels have less than 25% fat and less than 25% lactose compared to conventional milk. And no additives and preservatives.